Our Team

Yolanda Acho

Meet Yoli

Yolanda Acho AKA Miss Yoli is a wife and mother of two boys and one girl, and is from Peru.

Upon arriving to the U.S., Yolanda started volunteering at Heart Star Alexandria which is where she discovered her vocation for working with children. In 2006, she went on to find Yoli's Day Care!
She is constantly striving to be an even better caregiver by attending annual training courses and childcare workshops. 

- She has her CDA (Child Development Associate credential) certified by the Council for Professional Recognition. 
- She has a specialization in intellectual, social, and emotional childhood development.
- She is  certified in MAT (Medical Administration Training), First Aid, and  CPR. 
- She is active in the Virginia Quality Program, certified by the Infant and Toddler Specialist Network
- She is recognized as "Achieving Excellence in Early Care" by the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation
- She is a member of the Child Care Aware of America program for military and DOD families, the NAEYC, and Zero to Three
- She is a Virginia Infant Toddler Specialist, certified by the Infant and Toddler Specialist Network

Meet Marco

Marco Quino is Miss Yoli's husband and father to their two boys and one girl, and is also from Peru.

During the early years of Yolanda's Day Care, Marco started to help out as an assistant. It is then that he realized that he also had a vocation in childcare and began to take courses to further his understanding of early childhood development. In 2017, he founded his own Day Care Center: Elmo's Stars Day Care.
Marco is also constantly striving to learn more, and to provide the best attention and quality possible. He is certified in CPR, First Aid and MAT, and also participates in annual training courses and childcare workshops. He is active in the Virginia Quality Program "Committee to Quality Early Learning." He is currently working towards his CDA as well.
Marco Quino

Meet the Staff

We are conscious of the enormous confidence that you, as parents, must have in our team in order to entrust us with the care and education of your young children. Because of this, we put in the effort day in and day out to create a familiar and happy environment that lends itself to the comprehensive development of your children.
Miss Araceli


Miss Araceli is simply extraordinary. She has a patient and kind presence that the children love. Many times, the children ask to hear the same story from her again and again - they love when they already know what will happen! Miss Araceli and the kids read together daily.


Joze is a university student. He plays many different musical instruments - especially the guitar - with enthusiasm and interest. He teaches every child to motivate them and to encourage a love of music. Given the importance of music, music lessons are included in the pre-k curriculum.
Miss Ramona


Miss Ramona is a wonderful worker with many years of experience working with children. Her priority is the children's well-being, first and foremost. She is always aware of their needs. Above all, she provides them with love and attention.