Why Choose Us?

Curriculum & Activities

We offer educational tools, materials, and toys for all ages (infant, toddler, and pre-kindergarten).

Some of the activities we enjoy include age-appropriate arts and crafts, outdoor activities, listening to music, dancing and playing instruments. 
In addition to our daily routines, we offer many different activities throughout the year. For example, we celebrate children's birthdays, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

A Bilingual Education

We learn and play in a bilingual (Spanish and English) environment.

Did you know?
Young children pick up on languages fast. In fact, the brain is in its most flexible stage between the ages of zero and three years old.   
Furthermore, bilingualism in children has been shown to increase self-control and even to increase problem-solving skills. 

Nutrition & Health

Good nutrition helps children to grow and develop!

We have a large variety in the meals we serve, but make sure to have fresh lentils and quinoa once a week (the kids love it!) We also incorporate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables into our meals - never canned. We go above and beyond the guidelines set by the USDA Child Care Food Program to give your child the best nutrition possible. We are able to craft specialized diets depending on your child's individual needs (allergies and other special preferences.)
Finally, we respect and follow the CDC and HEALTH DEPARTMENT guidelines for Covid-19 prevention. We take care to regularly clean objects and surfaces with cleaning disinfectant as well.


Our fundamental values of love, kindness, trust, empathy, and respect guide us every day.

We see marvelous results from our loving environment: children who are free to laugh and learn and play, and parents who can have peace knowing that their children are safe and secure.
We love every child who enters through our doors and into our hearts. 


We are located in a quiet neighborhood in Old Town Alexandria - and all of our locations are easily accessible from the blue and yellow DC metro lines. 

Yoli's Day Care I and Elmo's Stars Day Care are within walking distance of the King Street - Old Town metro station. Yoli's Day Care II is just one block from the Braddock Road metro station.


Our pricing is simple: $___ per child per month, regardless of age group.

While many day cares subscribe to a tiered pricing model, we believe our pricing should be simple and transparent.
Furthermore, while many argue that care for babies should be the most expensive because it is so very important to ensure their safety at all times (and we agree that it is), our specialized care doesn't stop once children become toddlers and beyond. We continue to provide top quality care and attention to all age groups.